With today's growing environmental concerns, we're working to change the tide and create a new path of environmental sustainability through conscious gifting. Our products promote the conservation of wildlife, wild places, resources, and clean air and water, as well as empowering communities, women, and the disenfranchised. Shopping at Changing Tides helps us donate much needed funds to environmental groups. We look forward to changing the tides with you!

Make Waves, Not Waste

        Every creation here tells a story; from its original materials to its current life, there is soul in every piece. Each item is carefully chosen for unique style and high quality, but must also help remove materials from landfills, practice fair trade, and make a positive impact in our world. Many of our manufacturers give back to meaningful causes, and we do as well.



What We Do

Our Ideals

Flip-flops and beach trash

Recycling to Save the Earth

From flip-flops to circuit boards, we love the companies that keep our landfills and rivers free of debris, while making gorgeous art! Re-purposing flip-flops, discarded firehoses, leather scraps, computer parts, and more is one way we keep trash from entering the oceans and natural environment. Your purchase allows Changing Tides to help SeaLegacy and their conservation efforts.

Hemp Dog Collars

For the Love of Animals

Products that add to the health, wellbeing, and happiness of animals across the globe is part of our mission. We support wildlife as well as domestic animals, offering dogs and cats products that are safe and natural, and supporting groups that give back to rescue and wildlife protection organizations.

Kantha Bead Artisans

Supporting Artists & Communities

Using found objects and upcycled materials, our creative artists are dedicated to an earth-friendly process. Creativity, craftsmanship, and connection to the natural world is one way we can all help spread beauty to others around us. We support artists and companies that use ingenuity as well as give back to their communities, raise awareness, and empower people.

"I'm convinced that if the world survives these dangerous times, it will be tens of millions of small things that do it. Keep on!"~ Pete Seeger

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