Hats, Cashmere, and Goodie Boxes! Oh My!

Hats, Cashmere, and Goodie Boxes! Oh My!

• Tigger Montague

We’ve spent the spring and summer searching, testing, and evaluating new items for Changing Tides.  For months, new products we’ve never seen before have landed on our conference table.  If we like them, we give them a workout: how do they feel, how do they function in real life and for our new edibles, how do they taste?

Now Available:


Hats made out of recycled plastic bottles:

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? These sun hats are strong but soft to the touch, waterproof, and lightweight. They won’t shrink or fade. And if you are caught in a rainstorm, they dry quickly! These hats are flexible so they are easy to pack for any trip.

Single-use plastics are one of the most damaging materials to our environment. Help us reduce the amount of plastic that is thrown away, ends up in landfills, and in the ocean by wearing one of our hats made out of recycled plastic bottles. Made by Conner, who plants 25 trees for every hat sold. 

See Our Hat Collection!


Handmade cashmere scarves from Nepal:

There is nothing like wearing cashmere in the winter! Not only is it uniquely soft against your skin it is also eight times more insulating than wool. Made by a co-operative of disabled and handicapped people in Nepal, these 100% cashmere scarves are woven on traditional looms. Nepalese society has discriminated against the handicapped, leaving them with little or no opportunities to work. Weaving gives these women and men a sense of independence and self-esteem, and your purchase of a scarf provides their families with much needed income.

 This year we’ve added to the collection to include silk scarves made of 100% Khmer (Cambodian) silk and non-toxic dyes. The Cambodia women’s silk weaving cooperative is located in the Takeo Province, a rural, low income area. They employ over 500 weavers from 7 villages. The silk is also produced locally by 350 farmers who grow mulberry trees which rear cocoons from silk worms. The cocoons are spun into silk thread and eventually hand-loomed into these elegant works of art.

See Our Scarf Collection!


Organic Cotton Turkish Towels:

Turkish towels, also known as peshtemals or hammam towels, have been traditionally hand-loomed in Turkey for centuries. They are made using extra-long, tightly woven fibers which gives them a lightweight, yet highly absorbent quality. Our Turkish towels have been loomed in a small mountain village in southwest Turkey by a local cooperative. The group prides themselves on keeping the looming tradition alive, utilizing manual craftsmanship without compromising quality. The fringe is hand knotted and they only use eco- friendly, 100% natural fibers such as cotton and bamboo. From start to finish, the entire process is done in house. The patterns feature vibrant motifs conveying the timeless cultural heritage of the Anatolia culture.

See Our Turkish Towel Collection!


Sweater Sheep Handwarmers:

Back by popular demand!  Our pocket hand warmers use wool sweaters, which are washed, felted and sewn into the shape of little sheep! Each sheep is filled with rice. Once microwaved for 30 seconds, it will remain warm for approximately 30 minutes and is reusable.

                         See Our Handwarmers!


Goodie Boxes: Now Available!


Who doesn’t like to open a box full of goodies?  Of course it depends on what one means by “goodies"...  At Changing Tides, our goodies are artisan-made, small batch, unique, and in some cases rare.  These entrepreneurial companies we work with are focused on the craft and the quality, whether it's coffee, tea, skin products, body care, honey, chocolate, or maple syrup.

Coffee lovers:

For our coffee selections, we focused on our National Parks and how important they are to our country.  The wilderness is one of the great treasures that we must protect.  We support small coffee roasters near National Parks who create inspiring and delicious coffee blends. Our specialty coffee roasters come from Alaska with 8 National Parks, Montana with 2 National Parks, and Florida with 11 National Parks.  You might be inspired to take a trip to one of these National Parks after drinking these coffees.

Our coffee goodie boxes also include tasty chocolates by Theo!  We’ve eaten a lot of chocolate in the last few months to find the perfect chocolate that's fair-trade and blended with real ingredients.  Because we love chocolate, this was not a hardship, but finding a beautifully crafted chocolate bar was more difficult than we imagined.  However, we found this chocolate to satisfy the most discriminating chocoholic.

Tea lovers:

Our organic tea selections come from India, where some of the finest and most rare teas are grown.  One of our tea testers declared it the best tea she had ever had.  We are featuring 3 teas: the famous and prized Oolong Silver Tips from the Makaibari estate in Darjeeling where this rare leaf is only picked on full moon nights.  An organic Chai blended with traditional Ayurvedic spices to blend the body and mind, and an organic Breakfast black tea from Darjeeling that is both rich and bold.  These teas give a whole new meaning to the feeling of ahhhhh.

To make the boxes even more special, they include a jar of organic honey and the option for a very special pottery teapot!

Skin & Body care:

We are offering three distinct goodie boxes: one for your face, one for your body, and one for self care, whose ingredients are good to enough to eat.  We chose select body care products with honey and beeswax from apiaries in Montana, South Carolina, Maine, and Wisconsin.  Now you can treat your face and skin like Cleopatra and Nefertiti did: with honey as part of their beauty regimen…without the stickiness.  These products help support apiaries and the bees so essential to our ecology and agriculture.  Your skin will thank you!

In a busy, active world, sometimes we over do it.  Sometimes we zig when we should have zagged, did an extra-long workout at the gym, or worked too many hours.  The hemp plant provides some extraordinary benefits for aches and pains.  We discovered a line of hemp/CBD topicals with organic hemp blended with specific botanicals such as: arnica flowers, comfrey, aloe vera with essential oils of lavender and citrus.  For some of us at Changing Tides with chronic joint aches, we found that the CBD lotion with botanicals worked in minutes.  This is a goodie box for those who want to stay active.

Maple Syrup and Your Sweet Tooth:

I grew up in New England, and was raised on Vermont maple syrup.  It was this summer when I visited with my sister over a plate of pancakes, when I remarked at how wonderful it would be to have real Vermont maple syrup with a twist.  

“What do you mean?” my sister asked.

“I mean maple syrup with another note of flavor, like cinnamon, or ginger.”

“Could be perfect for ice cream too,” my sister mused.

Luckily I didn’t have to do any concocting in my own kitchen.  I found a small, family owned, certified organic, Vermont maple syrup company that was already creating unique maple syrups such as Bourbon Barrel-aged maple syrup, Hibiscus infused maple syrup, and a very special Festivus syrup with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove.  Our taste-testers tried these syrups on pancakes, ice cream, French toast, even in cocktails, and pronounced the syrups “fantastic,” “delicious,” “I could drink the whole bottle.”  There is no such thing as a boring breakfast or bowl of plain ice cream with these syrups around!

Our Sweet Tooth boxes also feature delicious non-jams and chocolate fudge sauce! Perfect toppings for breakfast, desserts, and snacks.

Going to the dogs:

We haven’t forgotten our best friends.  We have a goodie box just for dogs that includes a tug-of-war toy made out of recycled climbing rope and recycled tennis balls, Biostar’s Liver Treats with flax and coconut meal, paw and nose wax made from hemp that moisturizes and protects paws and noses in the cold of winter, and the heat of summer.  And for a beautiful coat, a truly clean shampoo that does not contain sulfates, synthetics, or petroleum ingredients.  Powerful enough to get my farm dogs clean, yet gentle and moisturizing, and not abrasive to sensitive skin.  Your dog has been good all year, hasn't he?

The Ocean Conservancy:

We have dedicated this year to the Ocean Conservancy.  Every product sold on Changing Tides this year will have a percentage donated to the Ocean Conservancy at the end of December.  You help to support the conservation efforts with every purchase.  It is capitalism with activism.



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