Inspiring our Youth

Inspiring our Youth

• Seeds for Kindness

A high school class in Virginia was recently inspired by Seeds for Kindness, particularly our Flip-Flop animals.  Many of the students were already aware of the concept of recycling, but when they saw the flip-flop animals they wanted to know more. So, they were asked to recycle or up-cycle something that would otherwise be garbage into a different form. They could spend up to $5 to help with the project (like thread, etc). 

We loved what they came up with!

School:  Grafton High School (York County, VA)
Teacher: Rhonda Chapman

Fox planter made from the bottom of a 2-liter bottle, acrylic paints and a cactus

Tote bag sewn from a t-shirt that no longer fit

Checkers Game Table made entirely from scrap wood, plastic bottles and caps, and tennis balls

Aquarium made from a discarded coffee pot

Hair Scrunchies made from old sweaters

Pillow made from an old t-shirt

Pencil Pouch made from a soda bottle, zipper, and googly eyes

Braided rug made from old t-shirts Smartphone stand and speaker made from an empty toilet paper roll, paper, and tape

Picture of the United States of America made completely out of bottle caps

Foosball game created from a cardboard box, broken and discarded drumsticks, tape, and ping-pong balls

 Thank you, Grafton High School students!


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  • JLam

    How awesome and inspiring!

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