Asian Tea Sack Bags

These wonderful bags are recycled, fair trade, and fashionable, made in different places in India. Ragbags are made of recycled plastic bags, big tea sacks, and cotton rags. These are collected and fabricated by 'ragpickers' and women's groups in the slums of New Delhi, Calcutta, and in a small village in Tamil Nadu.

The materials are collected by ‘ragpickers’, cleaned and fabricated into new products, upcycling them into new products with a higher value, keeping these useful textiles out of landfills.

Ragbag is a brand that follows the ten fair trade principles of WFTO, World Fair Trade Organization. The design of the bags is made by talented Dutch designers educated at the Rietveld Academy and the Design Academy.

Your purchase also helps support Ocean Conservancy: working to bring people, science and policy together with a mission to counter the many threats to ocean health and sustainability. From protecting vital, vulnerable ecosystems through legislation, to enforcing accountability among leaders, Ocean Conservancy seeks solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.