Billboard Bags

Billboard bags | Seeds for Kindness

Thousands of pounds of billboard vinyl are tossed into landfills every year. In fact, over 600,000 tons of non-recyclable vinyl finds its way into landfills each year. Vinyl is made of PVC, which can take over 1000 years to decompose in a landfill. This is the side of the marketing life cycle that we often don’t think about.

Two brothers decided that they could re-purpose the billboard vinyl, which is collected from all over the US, repurposing 20,000 pounds a month of used vinyl billboards. Once their time high in the sky is done, the vinyl is shipped out, washed, hand-cut, and sewn into unique designs. 

These bags are eco-friendly, unique, lightweight, vegan, durable, and waterproof.

Your purchase also helps support Ocean Conservancy: working to bring people, science and policy together with a mission to counter the many threats to ocean health and sustainability. From protecting vital, vulnerable ecosystems through legislation, to enforcing accountability among leaders, Ocean Conservancy seeks solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.