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Cambodian Bullet Earrings

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These lovely earrings are made from upcycled bullet casings and carry the weight of history; they are made from discarded bullet and bomb casings left over from Cambodia's war-torn history of the 1970s and '80s.

The artist, Chantha Theoun, lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and is the father of two. When Chantha was just a boy, his father was murdered by the Khmer Rouge, a brutal regime responsible for killing between 1.5 to 3 million people — up to one quarter of the entire Cambodian population at the time. Some experts believe these numbers underestimate the genocide.

While growing up in an orphanage, Chantha learned the art of jewelry-making and today he's committed to transforming weapons of war into symbols of peace. The goals he hope to accomplish through this upcycling craft are best described in Chantha's own words:

  • Creating positive change and hope
  • Building lives and sending peace and love
  • Sending help to Angkor Bullet Jewellery Cambodia
  • Bringing a smile to the world and our generation
  • Raising awareness about the dangers of undetonated landmine and bombs around Cambodia's farmland
  • Supporting home-based, disadvantaged artisans and families in Cambodia and around the world

These are not just beautiful jewelry items; they're vividly re-imgained, upcycled creations that nurture ideals of hope and harmony over war.

Your purchase also helps support Ocean Conservancy: working to bring people, science and policy together with a mission to counter the many threats to ocean health and sustainability. From protecting vital, vulnerable ecosystems through legislation, to enforcing accountability among leaders, Ocean Conservancy seeks solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.

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