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Coffee in the Park Goodie Boxes

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“If it wasn’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.”  ~ David Letterman


Our small, unique coffee roasters from Alaska, Montana, and Florida, focus on our National Parks and how important they are to our country.  The wilderness is one of the great treasures that we must protect.  We support small coffee roasters near National Parks who create inspiring and delicious coffee blends. Our specialty coffee roasters come from Alaska with 8 National Parks, Montana with 2 National Parks, and Florida with 11 National Parks.  You might be inspired to take a trip to one of these National Parks after drinking these coffees.

Our chocolate is made in Fremont, Maine, with organic and fair trade ingredients.


Big Sky & the Gulf of Mexico: Our bittersweet rich coffee roasts and dark chocolate
     - Café de Monteverde (12 oz): Montana, whole bean
     - Espresso Retro (12 oz): Florida, whole bean
     - Sea Salt 75% Dark Chocolate (3 oz bar)

Alaska's Best: Our daily get-up-and-go blends and milk chocolate
     - Fisherman's Blend (8 oz): Alaska, whole bean
     - Organic Peru (8 oz): Alaska, whole bean
     - Milk Chocolate 45% (3 oz bar)

Peaks & Oceans: All of the above!
     - Includes one each of our four coffee blends, and one each of the chocolate bars.



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