About Changing Tides

     Changing Tides, as an evolution of Seeds for Kindness, is dedicated to sharing and spreading kindness by giving back to our communities and to the earth. The products we offer — upcycled, repurposed, reimagined — are both environmentally conscious and financially supportive to important environmental organizations making an impact.

     During a staff meeting at BioStar in 2015, owner Tigger Montague expressed her wish to find a way of using our talents to spread more kindness in the world.  Everyone agreed: spreading kindness is an antidote to these challenging times. The seed for Seeds for Kindness was planted. 

Seeds for Kindness - Sowing the seed

     It was a trip to Alaska in 2017 that truly started the seed germinating.  Inspired by the mountains, forest and waters, among wildlife and clean air, with no technology to speak of, Tigger felt it in her bones: It is simply time to act. The environment needs our support — NOW.

Seeds for Kindness Sprouting

     Seeds for Kindness changed its name to Changing Tides in 2019, but the mission remains the same. We seek out artists and small companies who create unique or handmade products made from recycled, repurposed, or reused materials. We look for companies that innovate solutions for reducing the waste that ends up in landfills and the ocean, and who strengthen community. We love artists who release new beauty from used and discarded materials, such as computer components, fallen tree bark, or materials from bombs left behind after the Vietnam war. We keep a keen eye out for companies who already donate a percent of their profits to charities, such as the environment, community, education, first responders, animal rescue, and empowering women.

    Seeds for Kindness Sapling

Every purchase made will support the organization of the manufacturer’s choice, as well as the groups supported by Changing Tides.  This way, we are giving our tree branches!  Our vision is to watch the tree grow larger and larger by the day.

Our product offerings change frequently, so that we may add new artists and companies to give exposure to the small companies, innovators, and artists around the world. Therefore, our products are in limited quantities – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

     Together, we can be the seeds that grow into strong oaks, as we help clean up the ocean, protect the forests, treasure the wilderness, reduce landfills, and make the world a better place for all life.

Seeds for Kindness


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Changing Tides is a branch of BioStar US, makers and innovators of whole food supplements for horses and dogs.

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