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Face the Day Goodie Box

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"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” ~ Helen Keller


Chocolat au Lait Facial Cleansing Powder (2.5 oz):  a gentle and effective skin cleanser with a silky texture, this intoxicating cleanser will leave your skin feeling soft, bright and refreshed! Cacao helps to tighten and brighten your complexion and fight free radical damage. Buttermilk contains natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which help remove dead skin cells without scrubbing. French Green Clay and Activated Charcoal cleanse and purify skin, removing dirt, oil, and toxins like a magnet. Spirulina helps to strengthen skin tissues.

Botanical Facial Oil Moisturizer (1 fl oz): contains a unique blend of powerful seed oils to provide a lightweight moisturizer that can help improve tone, texture, and elasticity without clogging your pores. Helps fade lines and wrinkles while protecting and repairing skin from sun exposure.

Double Shot Caffeinated Eye cream (15 ml): packed with powerful antioxidants, collagen stimulating phytosterols, essential fatty acids, and key skin-loving Vitamins A, C, D, and E. It absorbs quickly, delivering moisture while helping improve elasticity and aid inflammation, with no greasy residue. Fine Lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffy eyes have met their match.

Premium Sea Silk Sponges: super soft Sea Silk sponges are sustainably harvested and create loads of fluffy lather. They naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria and are perfect for even the most delicate skin. Naturally processed and 100% biodegradable.

Dichotomy soap: Hand-crafted soap with activated charcoal in organic coconut oil and purified reverse osmosis water. This long lasting bar is fragrance free, rinses clean with no residue, and has a wonderfully creamy, bubbly and cleansing lather, even in hard water, while still being gentle on skin.

Pomegranate Mango Moisturizing Lip Balm: invigorating lip balm that will protect your lips from the elements while you enjoy the tropical fragrances of a Caribbean Beach! Made with Mango Butter and the scent of mangos & pomegranates. Helps fund research on the honey bee epidemic.

Let these amazing facial products help you feel good as you face the day!



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